Monday, June 9, 2008

Life in The Fast Lane

What a hectic past few weeks we have had! I've heard it said that if a couple can withstand a remodeling project they have a solid marriage! Guess Eddie and I have accomplished that! We will celebrate our 42nd anniversary at the end of this month! AND we are in the 6th week of living in chaos at home! Poor Eddie has only narrow pathways between the furniture and "stuff" stacked everywhere to empty the rooms being worked on! Our bedroom and bathroom were finished before we left for our trip...BUT we had to stack "stuff" from the other rooms in there so they can finish laying carpet while we are gone. Once he commits to going somewhere in the house...he cannot turn around!! I'm glad he has a lot of patience. At least by the time we get home we can finally begin to put ALL things back where they belong AND enjoy being home instead of feeling "closed in" with things in such a mess!

Before we left Eddie and our grandson Dillon had a lot of furniture to move from the rooms that will be carpeted while we are gone. Picture this....a 16 year old and a 62 year old amputee moving LARGE pieces of furniture! You know it is so true...where there is a will there is a way!
Nothing stops Eddie from doing what he needs to do! He can improvise and overcome and just plain get the job done! It still amazes me. But he believes in the motto Semper Gumby....
always flexible...and will always find a way to do what ever needs to be done. I am also thankful that we have such a wonderful grandson who lives close and is willing to help his grandfather.

In the midst of all of this we had one night where our daughter and children needed to spend the night....oops...we'd just taken down the guest bed and emptied that room! Semper Gumby again
...move a few things...put the mattress on the living room floor...make pallets for some of the children and know that if it gets real stormy she'll already be here and wont have to wake the children to get them here! Soon we will have a storm shelter for us all to go to when it storms!
Our daughter asked why we were building one now when we wouldn't do it for her and her brother. I told her that since our grandchildren are our reward for not killing her and her brother...IF they want a shelter, THEY get a shelter. AND they do want one!

We've also been busy with travel...

On the 3rd of June we were in Kansas City at the Veterans Hospital in the morning. We visited patient rooms and then veterans in the waiting areas. We gave out over 67 books as we visited with the veterans there...veterans from WW2, Korea, Viet Nam and our current war. What a privilege it is to be able to talk with these wonderful men and women. In the afternoon we went to the Truman library where Eddie spoke to VA health care workers. At a later time I will post pictures.

This past Friday we were asked to attend the reception for athletes attending the Endeavor games at the University of Central Oklahoma. We met many of our wounded warriors who are participating in the games! Some we had met already in our travels to the hospitals. After the reception we went to the opening ceremonies. Eddie attended some of the events on Saturday and in the evening we were at a party in their honor.

And tonight we are in Rockville, MD. It was a hard 2 day drive to get here tonight and we are exhausted...BUT will be 'bright eyed" in the morning as we meet with with our Marines at Walter Reed at formation at 0800! On Wednesday we will be going to Bethesda. From there we go to PA for a Flag retirement ceremony... We plan to be home by next Monday so we can actually start putting our home back in order! Would be nice to have that done by our anniversary on the 29th!

Life is hectic for us at times but we feel so blessed to be able to be doing what we do! Being around our veterans is a privilege and a blessing.

Connie Beesley

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