Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Warrior Pays the Ultimate Price for our Freedom

Just a short note...we were at Bethesda Naval hospital today. The local Marine Corps league does a cook out for our warriors every week and we were privileged to be with them today. It was good to sit and chat with hear how they are progressing and to let them know how much we care. AND to let them know that they have so much to look forward ahead of them when they leave the hospital.

But in the midst of this good time was a monumental sadness because one of our young Warriors went to his final home early this morning. LCpl W. We had heard yesterday that he would be taken off life support. I talked with a female Captain who was shaken at losing this precious young man. He had never regained consciousness that she knew ...but I told her that even so...
it gave his family a time to say their good byes before he was actually gone. I know how meaningful this can be first hand as we had that time with Eddie's mother before we gave permission to take her off life support and also with our 7 year old grand daughter Ariel. The loss is still just as hard...but somehow softened since we had some time to grasp what was happening.

Those who care for our wounded troops need our do those they are caring for AND their families. And now I will have another warrior to remember...another name on my list...

Connie Beesley

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