Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Veteran of the WEEK!

I know, I know....didn't post yesterday like I should have....You see life AND grandchildren sometime have a way of interfering with our plans! Shortly after we finished at the State Capital we started getting "those" phone calls, you know
the ones that start out "Grandpa can you?" Our grand daughter Brittnee had been saving for what seemed like FOREVER for her...she wanted to buy an I phone. And she really thought she had enough AND couldn't wait another day! Don't have a clue why she even needs an I phone... Anyway we picked her up and headed for the bank. She cashed her birthday checks and took money out of her savings account and then we went to the cingular store. OF COURSE she was still a bit short and owes us about 40.00....BUT she now has her I phone and she's a "happy camper". It was late when we got all of this done and I just didn't get to our blog last evening.....BUT here it is!
After running a few errands and having a nice lunch at Applebee's we were on our way to the Oklahoma State Capital. We were amazed that there was a "cherry parking place" right up close.
Oh, a "cherry" place is a handicap spot. Our youngest grand son Jace called it that when he was learning to talk. Wheelchair was just too big a word for a little boy! We still call it that though!
We were early, so we sat there a while just watching the flags waving in the wind. We both commented on what a pretty state capital we have.
As we went through security, of course Eddie had to be checked because his chair sets off the alarm. The officer asked the usual questions about "do you have any weapons, knives, guns or bazookas". Eddie said "only my hands, I'm a Marine". They both laughed. Eddie's sense of humor puts others at ease.
We knew we needed to be on the 4Th floor but once there we had no clue where our Representatives office was...and of course we started looking in the wrong wing! As we were heading for the other side a very young looking gentleman met us at the door asking who we were looking for. I ALMOST said "you". He sort of looked like I remembered Jason Murphy...but much younger! You know how it is when you aren't exactly sure of something or someone AND don't want to look foolish. So, I said we were looking for room 400 B AND then his smile told me he was Jason! I hope I didn't embarrass him by telling him the job fit him well as it had made him look younger than I remembered him!
After a short visit in his office we headed to the House Chambers. It is pretty awesome to be invited to our capital. We watched as the Representatives began to filter in and recognized several we had met in the past. Soon the session was opened with prayer and then Jason Murphy introduced Eddie as the States Veteran of the WEEK! It was then Eddie's privilege to lead them all in the flag salute. I noticed he saluted as he did! Though it is now approved for those military members in civilian clothes to salute, he rarely does. He was given a Citation naming him Veteran of the Week AND a United States Flag that had flown over the capital on May 5Th! WOW!
We are so blessed with the many things we have been privileged to be a part of and the many gifts we have received. Thank you Representative Jason Murphy AND thank you Oklahoma! It is such things as this that make Eddie realize there are and have been some wonderful blessings...his life took a different turn when he was injured...BUT a lot of it has been better than he ever dreamed!
PS.....see, I even learned how to add a picture!

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