Friday, May 23, 2008

More pictues

We were thrilled when we went to our mail box earlier this week! Rep. Jason Murphy had sent us several pictures that were taken at the capital. It is for sure.....their photographer is better than I am.

This is Jason presenting Eddie with a flag that had flown over our state capital!

Here, Eddie is leading the House members in our flag salute. This is the first time Eddie has saluted the flag in civilian clothes....a hard thing for him to get used to because it was DRILLED into him that you only salute when in uniform AND wearing your cover (hat to you civilain folks). I am very glad that has been changed...a man or women who has worn a uniform in service to our nation deserves to be able to salute our flag!

This picture was taken in the same place as the one I posted earlier....only with a much better camera!
We were so glad to get these pictures...they will all go into Eddie's scrap book of ALL his exploits and adventures!!!!!

Connie Beesley

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