Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am still having trouble with all of this...but learning! These pictures go with the previous blog. Eddie's brother Flay, who lives in Branson and served in the military during WW11 came to the Day Room. He is pictured next to Eddie with his wife Ruby.

Cameras were flashing all over the room when Joe arrived with his banjo! What a treat for everyone. AND you could tell that Joe was enjoying himself!

Joe with Sandy Milner...she and her husband Chip volunteer to run the Day Room every year.

The mimes are wonderful to watch! These youngsters are very talented and dedicated!
The men outside the Day Room. What a treat for the Mall shoppers!
The displays that I brought. The large one full of our family members including one of mine that rode with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders! Under that is the frame including 2 pictures of Bob Chance from our church. Next to the large picture is the one of Joe's parents and a picture of his book cover.
We truly spent many enjoyable hours at the Day Room! If you ever get to Branson for Veterans Week be sure to stop by and visit!
Connie Beesley

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