Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rest & Relaxation!

We decided we needed a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! SOOOOO we packed up and headed to one of our favorite places ~ Branson, MO, When we let our grandchildren know we were leaving we heard all sorts of "comments"...."take me with you, I can miss the last week of school" ~ "What do you mean, you're finally taking a are gone a lot" Even our daughter thought we should take at least one of the children with us, but we stuck to our original plan of having some "down" time just for us!

When we arrived...things started going a bit "wrong" The key to our room would not work and it was almost time for us to be at the owners party for the time shares. I really felt like crying, but Eddie kept us both calm and all worked out! We made it on time! Good thing too, cuz I was about to make my Branson debut! From someone who has always managed not to get picked from the audience....I ended up on stage twice this evening! First it was David Hamner from the Hamner Barber theater who picked on me! He needed an assistant and I was it! I was standing right there next to him...and could not tell you how he did what he did....putting those metal rings together and taking them apart!
Must have been my great "TA - DA". For my wonderful help he gave me two tickets to their show (more about that later).

Then later in the evening some members from Island Fire of the dancers tried to get Eddie to go on stage, not noticing he couldn't do that. (not the first time this has happened). Because she felt bad, I said yes when asked and once again I was on stage! So here I was trying to follow the lead of one of the dancers and I'm sure looking totally ridiculous!

While at the owners party I won one of the door prizes and had another set of tickets for a show! What a way to start the week! What had started out a bit rough turned out great...pays to stay cool and not get angry when things are not as you would like!

Tuesday we met two of our dear friends from Branson, Chip & Sandy. We don't get to really visit with them when we are in town in November for Veterans week so this was a real treat for us to just get to spend time with them. After lunch they took us to see SIX, a show we had heard a lot about!

Wednesday we started with an early show at 10AM...the tickets I had won. We saw Ricky Boen and Texas Mudd. If you like Texas Swing this is a show I'd recommend. Oh, enjoying comedy helps too....Ida Clare kept us laughing till our sides hurt! In the evening we were back at the Hamner Barber theater for their show. If you like amazing magic and a great ventriloquist this is a must show! Both David Hamner and Jim Barber amazed us over and over during their performances! I must have said "how did he do that?" (concerning both performers) over and over again! We hope to take our grand children to see this show sometime this summer!

Thursday we met Eddie's relatives for lunch! He has several family members living in Branson and the best way to visit is for us to meet somewhere. We filled a very long table at Charlies! Then at 5 PM we went to the John Tweed show. We have been blessed to get to know John and his wife through our visits and veteran events. If you like "EXTREME LOVE SONGS" this is the show to see. Actually, John sings a variety of songs and is a great entertainer.
From his show we went to see Breaking Up is Hard to Do. We had planned to see this show last November and missed it because my brother got sick. Glad we went....It is a delightful musical and worth seeing!

Friday we met our friends Chip & Sandy again...this time it was our treat. We met for lunch then went to see Island Fire! Along with all the traditional dancing we learned a lot about the culture of the Islands...Hawaii, Fiji and Samoa. Once again, I was on stage. I'm sure I looked silly, but at least I wasn't the only one up there! And NO, we did NOT buy the tape...didn't want anyone seeing that! Then in the evening we went to see Noah the Musical. What a show! It was full of talented people, live animals and wonderful sets all telling a familiar Bible story. We were amazed when someone came on stage after the show and gave an altar call for anyone interested in praying! This is the first time we had seen anything like this! We hope to see their Christmas show in November if time permits.

We had a wonderful time...visiting family and friends and seeing many shows. And along with all of this we were blessed to meet several veterans and others that we could talk with and hopefully be a blessing to....we made sure to invite the veterans back to Branson for Veterans week in November. Eddie and I both enjoy talking to others and encouraging them. Life sometimes deals us lemons, but Lemonade sure tastes great! Hard things happen, but life can still be good and full of enjoyment!

During this entire week so many good things happened and we just felt the Favor of God in our lives. We returned home refreshed and it is a good thing because the following weeks have been full of activities at home and have kept us busy!

Branson is one of our very favorite places to visit...we never get tired of going there! Just don't ask us which show or shows are our favorites...tell me instead what type of entertainment you like ...then I can tell you which shows have what you are looking for!!! Since we like all sorts of entertainment we are never disappointed. Branson is full of wonderful shows for everyone! If you've never should GO!

Connie Beesley

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