Wednesday, March 25, 2009 sweet to be a local celebrity!

Just before Spring Break we got an email from Connie Mashburn who works at Best of Books here in Edmond (where they carry Eddie's book Lucky Enough. She wanted us to know that her grandson Cade was doing his book report on Eddie's book AND she proudly told him she knew us. We called her and "got the details" AND told her that we would gladly come to his school as well as let him wear Eddie's uniform jacket and cover (hat for those of you who are not military).
Cade attends Cross Timbers Elementary School here in Edmond where our grandchildren went until they built a new school closer to us. We knew his teacher. Ms. Knoles who was also glad that we had come for the book reports. They had the cafeteria set up as a Wax Museum and we were all given a handful of pennies to "operate" the "wax" figures. What a site to see all of these students dressed as different people from different eras. It took a while for us to find Cade as we had entered on the opposite side from his position. BUT he was easy enough to spot in that sharp dress blue jacket! He was sitting in a chair with a blanket over his legs so that it appeared as though he were an amputee.

We made our way to his position and dropped a penny in his cup. He started his "story" mixed up and oh so cleverly without missing a beat said "machine malfunction please put in another penny". I nearly laughed at that! We put in another penny and heard Eddie's story!

I had forgotten my camera but got pictures from his grandmother as well as permission to tell this story. It truly is an honor when we hear that students in our town are reading Eddie's book when they must do a report on a be included among people in history like Alexander Graham Bell, Amelia Earhart and so many others is an honor.

I want to thank Cade for choosing Eddie's book and for doing such a fine job on his report! We enjoyed our afternoon at school!
Lately we haven't been doing a lot of traveling as we are working on funding in order to purchase more books. We do have some "events" planned and hopefully will have the funds to do even more. We always enjoy sharing our story and encouraging others. Life might deal you some real "lemons" BUT you can make "lemonade" AND have a wonderful life in spite of adversity!
Connie Beesley

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