Friday, October 31, 2008


We have found that it is a very good idea to "pay attention". As I said Eddie wasn't feeling "really well" in September. He did not want to see the doctor but gave in as I kept at him! His doctor had him take a stress test and when we heard nothing for two weeks we thought all was well....BUT then the phone call came that they did see something abnormal and wanted to do another test.

This time they scheduled the arterial gram and told him that if they found anything wrong they would fix it at that time. We called everyone we knew to have them praying and by the day of the test I was well fortified. I felt very much at peace and felt the outcome would be fine though I knew it was still very stressful for Eddie to have to go through the test. When the doctor came to talk to me he let me know that a they had put in a stent and would keep him overnight. We are very blessed to have such a good doctor and wonderful heart hospital...I can tell you that even the food there is great!

I guess that all of this actually put more stress on Eddie than we thought...AND then add to that the fact that he thinks he is superman....he overdid it...doing too much too soon and on Thursday he began having some chest pains. He didn't want me to take him to the ER but I did anyway! AND they kept him overnight to keep a watch on him. It wasn't his heart...probably just stress. I brought him home today and have been "ordering" him to rest!

I promise that I will keep him under control next week when we leave for Branson, MO for veterans week. We won't be on any schedule this time and can be much more relaxed than we were last year. During the week we have 3 dinners to attend and just a few other events...WE WILL DO A LOT OF RESTING! Eddie plans on taking his guitar and spending some time just visiting...picking and grinning at the Day Room where veterans gather to just visit and hang out.

AND for all you gentlemen (and ladies too) PAY ATTENTION to your bodies and your health. It is so much better to take precautions than to be sorry that you missed something. In all this...the triple by-pass last year and the stent this year we caught things BEFORE Eddie had a heart attack or any damage to his heart. For that we are VERY THANKFUL.

Connie Beesley

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